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Entrevista con Doro Pesch

El Proximo 30 de Abril Doro nos estará visitando en el circo volador, lo mejor es que no viene sola, viene acompañada por U.D.O.por eso nos dimos a la tarea de realizar una entrevista via Email con Doro, chequenla esperemos les guste.

1- Back In Mexico City; What Do You Expect from this show and Mexican fans?

I`m soooooo excited to play in Mexico again and I`m so very happy to see all the die hard fans again. Mexico rocks!!!!! and I remember the best fans in the world with lots of energy, passion and power and they had so much heart and soul and I cant wait to put on a high energy show with our best songs from classics like Burning the witches, All we are to new songs and some big surprises, I will definately give it my all and I`m so much looking foreward to see everybody soon, it will be wild and True as Steel, guys!!!! 

2- How do you feel to be one of the first female metal icons?

It feels wonderful to be part of the great Heavy Metal family I just wanna make the fans happy and its always a big honor to play in front of great passionate people like the mexican metalfans, I~m one of the happiest people, when I feel everybody has a great time. 

3- You worked with a lot of bands and artist such as Ozzy Osbourne, do you want to tell us your experience?

oh yes, it was so great to play with our heros in the early 80tis....we were just starting out and we had the great chance to play with bands like Judas Priest, Ronnie James Dio , WASP, Motörhead, Metallica, Megadeath, Scorpions and in England with Ozzy on the Monsters of Rock was so cool and everybody was so nice and supportive, I still have a great friendship going on with lots of these great bands and musicians. 

4- Today Metal Is Different, many bands with female singers, what you do think about it?

that is fantastic and I think its much better than in the 80tis. Lots of great female singers with strong personalities, I think thats very good that they re is a better balance now and not only a hand full of female musicians like in the early 80tis.

5- How do you see Metal today,knowing that you saw him grow

at the moment I think Metal is as strong as in the 80tis and that is absolutely great!!!! the 90tis were tough, when Grunge was so big it was hell for all the Metalfans and bands, very hard to survive, but the last 10 years I see it is growing and growing and all the big festivals, like for example WACKEN open air is sold out even 6 months before the festival takes place...thats awesome, I think that we re in good shape and metal is getting more and more respect from "normal" people as well, you guys know what I mean, right?

6- How is your relationship with the members of your band?

very good, we re best friends and I feel they are my brothers and I`m their sister  

7- Changing the subject a little, Ronnie James Dio was one of the biggest metal icons, many admired him, Did you ever have the chance to talk to him?

oh yes we became really, really close friends and I had the big honor to tour together with Ronnie James Dio in 1987 and in 2000 and the show with Heaven and hell just 2 years ago...  he was my biggest inspiration and my favorite singer and idol. It was my sadest moment last year, when I heard he was not alive anymore, I still cant believe it, I miss him so much and I will forever love him and be grateful that I had the great chance to meet him, talk to him and tour together, he was the most wonderful, soulful person I`ve ever met..... I`m just in the middle of writing a song for him to tell him how much he meant to us and how much he inspired us and millions of people,, I always get tears in my eyes when I think of him, its so unbelievable sad. I know so many fans feel the same and we` ll never forget him and his voice and what he means to us....we love you Ronnie!!!!!  

8- Do you know that you have got a lot of fans here in Mexico?

I feel there is something really deep and special and I wanna tell the fans that I deeply appreciate it and I love the fans more than anything else in this world, that will never change, I live for the fans and I cant wait to play and come to Mexico...see you guys and girls very soon....

I love you  Für immer  DORO

Recuerden Doro/U.D.O el 30 de Abril en el Circo Volador los Boletos los pueden adquirir en taquillas del Circo Volador o en centros Ticket Master.

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