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Entrevista Con Arkadius Antonik de SuidAkra

Hace unos días les habia comentado via twitter y facebook a algunos de mis contactos una futura entrevista via email que Arkadius Antonik Guitarrista/Vocalista de SuidAkra.

Finalmente hoy en la mañana llego la entrevista, aqui se las dejo:

1- Arkadius Do You Think That SuidAkra is at his maximum point?

Oh hell no!!! In that case there would be no reason for us to carry on with the band. I`m so happy, that we still have so many ideas in our minds for new songs. We always work on us as a musicians and songwriters and I really don`t have the feeling that we reached the maximum point.
There are also so many places where we`ve never played with the band. And all this thing keeps the motivation within the band to move on..

2-What are your plans for this new tour?

We will play a spain tour in a couple of days with Equilibrium after that the new album will be released here in Europe! Right after the release we will play an European tour with Onslaught & Debauchery. After playing a few summer festivals like Wacken for example we plan a few tours for the second half of 2011, like in Ireland, USA Russia & Ukraine.

3-Tell us About The Experience Of SuidAkra in the recording of this album.

The recordings were great. We worked with producer martin Buchwalter for the 4th time and he knows the band better than anyone else. We always enjoy working with Martin because he always tries to do everything better than the last time and we have the freedom to do some experiments. He has a lot of good ideas and is involved into the songwriting. That means, we develop the songs also in the studio and they are 100% finished when the recording process is done.

4-About The Experience of SuidAkra in different metal show or festivals in europe like Wacken for example, what do you like about it?

To be honest I like the mixture of both, Big Festivals and club shows. I mean it`s really a huge thing to play on big summer festivals like Wacken in front of 10 000 people, but on the other hand the club shows are more intimate, so I can involve the crowed much more into our show. But we are so happy to be confirmed for Wacken 2011, because eyou can be sure no matter at what time you have to play that there`s a big crowed in front of the stage! It`s an amazing experience!

5-Before the show for example ¿what does suidAkra do before entering stage?

Usually we spent the most time before the show in front of the stage talking to friends and fans and right before the show we all go into the backstage room and everybody is concentrating on himself to warm up. I have to admit that Lars & I are very nervous before the show starts, no matter if we play in front of 10 000 or just 100 people. But when we enter the stage and play the first tune it all disappears.

6-Some anecdotes from the backstage that you had?

Not really because we spent not that much time in the backstage hahaha. A lot of people think that it`s really exciting being backstage, but it`s not. It`s just boring hahaha you hang around, do nothing and that`s it. That`s the reason why we spent the most time outside the backstage area.

7- An Artist or band with wich SuidAkra has a good relationship?

Oh yes they are a few. We know Equilibrium for example for many years and played a lot of shows with them. But this time we will play Spain tour together for the first time. Also bands like Týr are good friends of us, and we are always happy to meet them. There are a lot of band we’ve been on tour with and spent a great time on the road.

8- Someday SuidAkra will make a south american tour?

I hope that! I know they are a few SuidAkrA fans in South America and we receive a lot of messages when we will play a show there. But it`s not really our decision. It depends on local promoters from SA that they invite SuidAkrA to play. For me it would be like a dream come true, I heard a lot of good stories from bands that have already played there! So let`s hope it will maybe happen with the new record “Book Of Dowth”.

9-Any Message for the south american fans?

I want to thank everybody in south America that supported the band!
I hope we’ll meet this year on a show and watch out for the release of the new album “Book Of Dowth” on the 25.03.2011. METAL !!!

Aqui un adelanto de su nuevo disco proximo a estrenarse en Marzo de 2011 , el disco llevara el nombre de "Book Of Dowth"

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